Cashew Gravy

This delicious vegan, gluten-free gravy is great over meatloaf, mashed potatoes, or a vegetarian loaf. Unlike most cashew recipes, this version does not require soaking the cashews overnight, just blending them with hot water. Turn it into a gluten-free cheese sauce by blending in 1–2 cups shredded cheese after the sauce has thickened, or “cheese” sauce by adding shredded vegan cheese. It is easy to halve this recipe for home use.


One batch makes about 5 cups, 6 batches make about 1 3/4 gallon, 54 1/2-cup servings

Heat water. Place 2 cups very hot water in blender

with cashews and other ingredients.

Blend until smooth.

Add remaining 2 cups of water and blend again.

Pour into pot and heat on medium, whisking

occasionally until smooth and thickened.

Be careful as it scorches easily. Salt to taste.

(It’s already pretty salty from the Bragg’s/Soy)

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