Hello cooks! My name is Leslie Crabtree. I’ve spent fifteen years cooking for guests with a variety of food preferences during large, multi-day events at retreat centers in Oregon and California.

One Taste is the cookbook that I created from that experience, and it contains all of the menus, recipes, and prep lists for 10 days of international menus with vegetarian and gluten-free options.

I love the challenge of creating menus that are adventurous and comforting while delivering meals that all of our guests can enjoy, regardless of their food druthers or restrictions. I’ve designed a framework that riffs on Thai, Mediterranean, Mexican, African, and other cuisines to provide meals that satisfy the vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables, the gluten-free carnivore who wants cheese on the side, and everyone else!

You don’t have to be a retreat cook to use this book, just a cook. Perhaps you have a family reunion coming up, or a big holiday party with lots of hungry guests. One Taste may be exactly the cook book you need.

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